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EASP is more than 45 years old (founded in 1966): More than 45 years in which EASP (formerly EAESP) grew from a household of only a few enthusiastic pioneers to a large family of about more than 1200 members.
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Learn more about EASP's aims and scope, its history, its recent developments and its functioning.   Contact the Executive Officer or the Executive Committee members.




EASP organises and supports general meetings, small and medium size meetings, and summer schools. It also develops joint activities with other societies.
Members can benefit from three types of grants: Postgraduate and postdoctoral travel grants, Postdoctoral and summerschool 'seedcorn' research grants, and Research Knowledge Transfer Scheme (RKTS)
To acknowledge the achievements of its members, EASP created the Tajfel, Jaspars, Lewin and Codol awards, supplemented by a EJSP early career best manuscript award.
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EASP members have access to the EJSP, SPPS, CRSP, ERSP and the European Monographs of Social Psychology. The EASP Newsletter is called European Bulletin of Social Psychology and available on this website

  Beginning with only a handful, EASP has now grown to more than 1200 members in various categories. You can become a member upon applying and paying your annual fees.



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